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The New Sixty Percent Natural Cocoa Bars of Endangered Species Chocolate Is A Creative Take On Food

03/21/2015 - 14:56

The first chocolate brand of America, Endangered Species Chocolate, has introduced three new sixty percent cocoa bars into the market.
This series of chocolate bars are an outcome of a creative idea that sought to present a harmonious blend of various famous flavours from around the world within a single bite.

Indianapolis- 19 March 2015- Endangered Species Chocolate, in short ESC, has made an announcement about its new product launch. ESC is the leading company in manufacturing natural chocolates which has been ranked among the top for its quality, category and taste. As a result it has earned its recognition as the brand chocolate made in American.
Moreover, it is also distinguished for its signature brand of Fairtrade cocoa which comes from West Africa and can be traced distinctly as the chocolate melts onto the palate and indulges the sensory receptors into chocolaty delight. According to Business Wire, Endangered Species Chocolate has introduced three different chocolate bars with sixty percent cocoa.
The first one is a combination of lemon poppy seed and dark chocolate, the second a blackberry sage and dark chocolate mix whereas the third one incorporates the sweetness of cherries, the spicy flavour of cinnamon, pungent punch of cayenne and lastly the original touvh of dark chocolates. All the three chocolate bars are a creative attempts to assimilate the modern trend of food culture into the all time favourite chocolate recipes, which hopes to appeal to the global “consumer’s palate”.
Each of the ingredients used in these three products are well thought of and signify something or the other, for example the taste of lemon poppy seed will strike a melancholic chord that fills oneself with the sense of nostalgia, meanwhile the blackberry sage brings the subtle aromatic touch and the exact pinch of savory to go with it, whereas cayenne and cinnamon adds the spicy heat and the cherry matches them with its sweetness to give a balanced finish.
The creativity goes hand in hand with experience that enabled ESC to launch the new three sixty percent chocolate bars in the range of dark collection. It is a complementary addition to ESC’s existing chocolate collections which includes eighty eight, seventy two and forty eight percent cocoa bars.
According to Endangered Species Chocolate’s Research & Development’s manager, Mr. Whitney Bembenick:
“60 percent dark chocolate is perfect for those consumers seeking a new experience or interested in tip toeing up the dark chocolate spectrum. The savory and spicy flavors of these new bars pop best when paired with the sweeter notes of the 60 percent dark chocolate.”
As far as the quality assurance goes, the ESC’s new sixty percent chocolate bars have been scrutinised and certified by various recognised authorities. It has been substantiated by Non-GMO Project documentation, and holds a certificate from Fairtrade International. The said product is vegan, free of gluten, and is for the growing efforts that being made to preserve wildlife.
Endangered Species Chocolate has invested in its effort, resources, research and time to develop the new chocolate products which as strengthened the company’s position as a trendsetter and an initiative market leader among “the natural category”.
The new chocolate products can be bought from supermarkets or nearby food store that sell promote natural food. In fact, more detailed information about the new sixty percent chocolate bars is also available online.