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The Communication Skills Of A Female Leader Add Something New To Business Strategies

04/10/2015 - 08:20

In corporate world the different approaches of a female leader than a male one can be strategically used to create profitable outcome. There is much to learn from women leaders what comes naturally to them. – 09 April 2015 – The Huffington Post highlights how a woman leader communicates to the mass. A consultant of leadership who specializes in talent management and executive coaching, Cindy Wahler, sheds some light on the said issue.
It has been to our knowledge that the way men communicate is different than the way women do. This difference has caused ample frustrated moments between both the genders; however, it also true an individual raises his voice “to be heard” and here lies the only common objective shared by both the genders when they speak.
The opinions, whether personal or otherwise, are voiced by the leaders in order to convey something important be it a recommendation or an idea on which they want to act upon. From the point of view of the speakers, the aim of delivering their speech to influence the mass and motivate the peers.
Looking at the premise of a woman leader who publically communicates with a crowd one notices that there is always a certain “perspective that they want to share”. Their approach proves that they know what they want to arrive at by the end of their speech. However, at this juncture, there are always two alternatives that an orator can choose to abide by; the first being jumping to the conclusion at the outset or develop the speech in order to arrive at the bottom line.
As for the women leaders, they are often seen to build a rapport with their audience and then align their speech in line with their objective. Thus, there is always “a keen sense of the bottom line” in their speech once they successfully establish a connection with the listeners.
It requires a definite artistic skill to bond with crowd who is listening to them. By doing so, they achieve “two primary things”. Firstly, the close connection “creates a sense of camaraderie” enabling the speaker to gain the trust of the listeners which a crucial achievement for without striking a chord in the hearts of the colleagues the working wouldn’t be a smooth sail.
Moreover, secondly the bond also gets your ideas vetted allowing a scope “for a robust discussion”. Consequently, the leaders can come across “alternate views” which as Cindy Wahler terms “is an inclusive style of communication”. There is always a great difference between the instances wherein the orders are dictated and when collaborative platform is established to carry out the work.
The networking of a female brain differs from that of a male one, which in fact plays as “an important strategic device” in a business scenario. In either way, if the message can be successfully conveyed the outcome can prove to be more profitable. In Cindy Wahler’s words:
“Determining a course of action involves a SWAT analysis and ensuring you have everybody on board. Extensive data supports the notion that companies that encourage diversity of thought outperform those that don't.”
The role of a leader goes beyond the task of giving orders; he needs to be proactive in constantly creating a work friendly environment and strike out any “disruptive thinking” from the roots before it has the time to grow and poison the atmosphere.
In fact these are what exactly women leaders tend to do naturally; they encourage peers’ opinion, consider subordinates’ point of views, take human capital into account and also ask questions to think more coherently which also helps in achieving teamwork wherein the final goal is shared collectively. Therefore, eventually everybody at the table would have contributed something substantial in arriving at the goal. 


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