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Tesla supplier warns of graphite shortage due to reliance on China

11/22/2022 - 15:30

Due to its reliance on Chinese exports, the market for electric vehicles may see a graphite scarcity, according to a supplier to Tesla.

W. Oelen
W. Oelen
The market domination of Chinese manufacturers will cause a severe graphite scarcity in the electric vehicle industry within the next ten years, said Shaun Verner, CEO of Australian company Syrah Resources.

Syrah Resources is the largest producer of natural graphite outside of China, which also provides Tesla.

Verner claims that the "opacity" of market pricing is the main issue. According to the FT, which cites information from the International Energy Agency, China produces 65% and processes 85% of the world's graphite, and six of the top 10 producers of anode materials are Chinese firms.