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Study: Internet sales in the US will reach 2019 levels by October

08/12/2020 - 06:29

According to the forecasts of Adobe, the volume of Internet sales in the United States will reach the volume of the whole of 2019 by October of this year. These findings are contained in the Digital Economy Index, which is compiled by Adobe based on an analysis of about 1 trillion visits to online retail sites, transactions of 80% of the largest online retailers in the United States and a survey of 1,000 American consumers conducted from 4 to 8 August.

Elaine Smith via flickr
Elaine Smith via flickr
According to the US Department of Commerce, the country's online retail sales totaled $ 602 billion in 2019, up 15% from a year earlier.

The report from Adobe notes that from January to July, inclusive, Internet sales in the United States amounted to $ 434.5 billion. In addition, it is reported that Internet sales in the United States reached their peak in May, after which the growth rate began to gradually decline.

Adobe experts also highlight a growing trend in which consumers are increasingly choosing a pick-up option by picking up online items from a store or point of delivery.

31% of respondents prefer to buy goods with self-pickup, in July alone, online sales of goods with self-pickup grew by 23.3% compared to June.