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Study: 9M people die every year because of pollution

05/20/2022 - 08:19

According to a new research by an international team of scientists, pollution causes 9 million deaths each year.

A new study led by Richard Fuller, the head of a global non-profit organization Pure Earth, air pollution and toxic waste are responsible for the deaths of approximately 9 million people each year.

Traditional pollutants like greenhouse gases and sewage emissions, according to scientists, are causing less fatalities around the world. Meanwhile, mortality from "contemporary contaminants" such as industrial air pollution and harmful chemicals are on the rise. According to Rachael Kupka, executive director of the Global Health and Pollution Alliance, deaths from such causes have grown by 66% since 2000.

Furthermore, according to a study of worldwide mortality data, the consequences of industrial air, water, and soil pollution caused a 7% rise in deaths between 2015 and 2019.

"We're sitting in a cauldron, slowly consuming ourselves. We have not given enough attention to pollution, unlike the challenges of climate change, malaria, or HIV "Richard Fuller remarked.

Chad, Niger, Central African Republic, Somalia, DPRK, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Bulgaria, Lesotho, and Burkina Faso are among the countries with the most polluted populations, according to specialists.



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