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“Strategic Leadership” Will Have To Replace “Crisis Management” In America

04/17/2015 - 11:49

Mike Huckabee announces “Radical Islam” to be American enemy whom the “Crisis Management” policy of President Obama failed to defeat.
An administration of “Strategic Leadership” based on American values can restore the country to its full glory of a world leader. – 14 April 2015 – Mike Huckabee, the ex-Republican governor of Arkansas, writes on Western Journalism that crisis management is not a strategic solution.
According to Huckabee, the worldwide erupting chaos and crisis stemming from the Christian executions of ISIS and their victory over achieving a wide range of support from the west have become a pressing issue that the world needs to address. He also adds the foreign policy of “crisis management” adopted by the American administration has brought about nothing but anarchy.
The Syrian “red-line” drawn by President Obama was responded by “chemical attacks” which were targeted on children and women from his counterpart, Bashar al-Assad. The government even accepted the power takeover of Egyptian government from being America’s ally to “Muslim Brotherhood”. Huckabee doesn’t appreciate this particular stance of American government; he adds:
“Instead of congratulating General al-Sisi’s efforts to restore stability and confront radical Islam, Obama stays silent.  Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin is filling the leadership vacuum in both countries.”
The president Obama’s promise of bringing “stability and self-reliance” in Iraq proved vain, as presently over the bloodshed of the courageous American solders ISIS is waving their black flags in numerous Iranian cities. In fact, the American ambassador, James Jeffrey, who was formerly posted in Iraq, portrayed Iranian situation as “g–d— freefall.” Moreover, only a few months ago, Mr. President had declared Yemen as an example of America’s counterterrorism answer but today the country may anytime break into a civil war. In Huckabees’ words:
“So much for ‘smart diplomacy’.”
Amid this conflict driven circumstances, Iran is going aggressive on developing nuclear weapon in order to eliminate Israel from the global geo-political map. The Middle East seems to be on an unstable foot under the threats of the terrorism. Yet, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, holds his ground even “in a world full of Chamberlains”. But, America seems to siding with Iran instead of supporting Israel.
Amid the “Death to America” chants of Iranian Supreme leader, America is “negotiating a nuclear deal” which will empower Iran to support terrorism and “undermine the security of our (America’s) regional allies”. In Huckabee’s words:
“In short, “leading from behind” has led to failure... Obama lacks moral clarity and common sense. The American-led world order is being undermined by ambiguity and indecision. Our allies have lost faith in our leadership, and Europe has lost faith in itself.”
Huckabees has communicated with American laymen as well as scholars and he says both the group say in unison that:
“We need to quit apologizing for being America and start leading.”
In order to do so, the “crisis management” scheme of President Obama has to be rejected. Huckabee states that America is “more than just a victim of circumstances beyond our (America’s) control.” Overcoming such situations requires responsibility on everybody’s part. The ex-Republican governor of Arkansas, says, America is a world leader not a dictator, who ought to create its own path instead of depending on the United Nations and World Bank.
The “smart diplomacy” of President Obama fails to provide the world with a “strategic leadership”, says Huckabee which must begin by tightening border security and addressing “reckless deficit problems”. America needs to solve its own issues first before persuading other countries. The fallen military power needs to be rebuilt by modernising the diplomatic, defence along with “human intelligence” to assure stability.
The American administration system must reinvent itself to establish moral clarity and forgotten American values. Isolation cannot but lead to the world into danger when supported by powerful figures. To be able to defeat enemies, America cannot refuse to name it like in the present scenario of radical Islamic states. Huckabee clearly announces “Radical Islam” to be American enemy who needs to be confronted and defeated.