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Sony transfers 20 thousand employees to work from home

03/27/2020 - 05:51

Japanese electronics company Sony, due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, is transferring 20,000 employees to remote jobs, Kyodo said.

Global Panorama
Global Panorama
The regime will be valid until the end of April. It extends to 20 thousand employees across the country engaged in the production of television sets and semiconductors. New employees of the company, who were supposed to start work in the beginning of the financial year on April 1, were asked to stay at home and get acquainted with the work and receive training on the Internet. The company’s entry ceremony at the Tokyo headquarters will also be canceled.

Despite calls from the government and local administrations, work at home in Japan is not yet widespread. In part, this can be explained by the fact that by mid-March they managed to avoid the explosive growth of diseases with a new type of coronavirus and life began to return to its normal course. However, as the statistics of the last few days have shown, this immediately affected the sharp increase in diseases, especially in Tokyo.

To date, 1402 cases of infection within the country and 712 cases of infection have been detected in Japan on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was quarantined off the coast of Japan in February. In total, 2114 people were ill, 57 people died, 960 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals.