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Sicily to pay tourists 50% of air tickets cost after COVID-19 pandemic ends

04/27/2020 - 07:05

The Sicilian authorities will pay tourists half the cost of air tickets, as well as part of the hotel bill within a new strategy to restore tourism on the island after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, Daily Mail reports.

According to the publication, the new strategy for the development of tourism on the island implies that the regional authorities are ready to pay 50% of the cost of air tickets, as well as every third night in accommodation facilities.

In addition, it is claimed that tourists will receive free tickets to museums and archaeological sites. Offer vouchers will be available on Visit Sicily website.

According to the newspaper, the Sicilian authorities are ready to spend €50 million on this program, while in March and April the tourism industry lost about €1 billion.

In Italy, 13% of GDP falls on tourism, and the country is already looking for ways to restart the industry after the phased quarantine scheduled for May 4. Among the measures proposed by the regional tourism offices are social distance on beaches.

Italy is one of the epidemiologically unfavorable countries. It ranks second in the number of deaths of patients with coronavirus after the United States.