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Seven tips for better life

07/13/2018 - 10:56

Life is not easy. However, there are some simple but useful tricks for making it better and less stressful. Here are seven simple rules for every day.

Loss and gain

It is not possible to completely avoid time losses, but they still can be interpreted differently. Get your own box of mental tools, tips and tricks for different occasions, and you'll see: the cleverer you become when avoiding mental traps, the more fun you get when you get into one of them quite consciously. 

Re-work it

Those who want to become free, have to get rid of the stigma of their past mistakes in their minds. If you correct mistakes in time, you have an advantage over those who count on perfect starting positions and too stubbornly hopes that his plan will work. There is no ideal education. There is no single right goal in life. There is neither a perfect business strategy, nor an optimal portfolio of shares, nor the only correct work. These are all myths. It's better to start somewhere and then constantly adjust your plans. The more difficult the world becomes, the less the starting point means. Therefore, you should not invest all your resources in some impeccable start, neither in the profession, nor in your personal life. Instead, practice the art of correction, be alert along the way, look for new opportunities - continuously, at a convenient pace and without the scruples of conscience.

Inflexibility as a strategy

Say goodbye to the generally accepted cult of flexibility. The need to be flexible exacerbates a person, makes him unhappy, tired and imperceptibly leads away from achieving his goals. Adhere to your foundations, promises and vows. It is uncompromising. By the way, it's much easier to fulfill your vow by 100 percent than at 99.

Mental strength

The world consists of anxieties and accidents, and they continually turn our life into chaos. Happiness doesn’t mean an expensive car, status, public success or size of a bank account. All this can be taken away at any time. Happiness can be found only and exclusively within its mental fortress. Invest here, not in the Porsche collection.

Useful contradictions

The essence of a good life is mainly to not do silly things, do not act unconsciously and avoid fashionable trends and passions. You don’t need to try your best to become absolutely happy. Your life becomes complete not with what you bring into it, but with the fact that you stay away from unnecessary things. 

The Goal

The goals that we set work. They are very important. But many people do not think too much about "small meanings" in their lives. They either live aimlessly, or simply pick up popular ideas and fashionable aspirations. However, the path to a better life often goes around all sorts of records and unprecedented achievements. It is typical for it to set a series of consistent and realistic tasks, to achieve new goals. It is more important to know where you're going, than to be quick without any aim in mind.

Opinion of strangers

The less opinions of strangers you will hear, the better your life will be. It may sound too much, but 99 percent of your opinions are absolutely superfluous. Only one percent is really important, be it an opinion on personal or public life, on work or home. And even when it comes to a small range of topics, forbid yourself to say the first thing that pop up in your head. Imagine that you are participating in a television talk show. There are five other guests next to you, and all of them express opinions contrary to yours. Only when you can act with the same certainty from opposite positions, you deserve the right to have your own opinion.

Based on "The Art of the Good Life. 52 Surprising Shortcuts to Happiness, Wealth, and Success" by Rolf Dobelli

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