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Scotch whisky exports jump in 2019

02/13/2020 - 06:38

Scottish whiskey exports jumped to a record high in 2019 amid booming sales in Taiwan and India, offsetting concerns about trade tariffs and uncertainties over Brexit, Reuters reports.

Sales of Scotch whiskey overseas grew by more than 4% to 4.9 billion pounds (6.36 billion dollars) in 2019.

Exports of Scotch whiskey to Taiwan grew last year by 22%, and to India - by 19.7%.

The United States was the most valuable destination for whiskey supplies; US exports rose 2.8% to £ 1.1 billion, despite tariffs for single malt and some liquors introduced in October.

Last year, the United States announced that 25% tariffs on a range of European products, including Scotch whiskey, as a punishment for illegal subsidies for the EU aircraft manufacturer.

The Scotch Whiskey Association said that as a result of this, in the last three months of 2019, exports to the United States decreased by a quarter compared to the previous year.

"Tariffs hit hard by producers, especially small companies," said Karen Betts, executive director of the Scotch Whiskey Association.