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Samsung outdistanced Apple in North America

08/03/2016 - 13:54

In the II quarter 2016, combined share of South Korean smartphone makers Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics in North America achieved a record 49%, while Apple’s position fell to 24.5%. At the global market, Samsung continues to lead with its Galaxy S7 model.

"Share of Samsung Electronics rose during the period by 5%, to 32.7%", - says report of marketing agency Strategy Analytics.

Apple's share on its home market fell from 32.6% to 24.5%.

This is the first time in two years when Samsung managed to outstrip Apple and become the market leader in North America, says Strategy Analytics.

LG Electronics took third place with 16.3%. It is followed by Chinese manufacturer ZTE (9,5%), and the fifth place was shared by TCL and Alcatel with 4.6% each.

In the II quarter, Samsung held leadership in the world, having increased share of the global smartphone market to 23%, compared to 21% a year ago. The bestseller model is Galaxy S7.

Apple’s share fell from 14% to 12%.

Huawei holds the third place in the market, maintaining last year's share of 9%.

Woody Oh, director of Strategy Analytics, commented: "Samsung remains dominant in the global smartphone market, supplying three of the most popular Android-smartphone models around the world." "Nevertheless, Samsung cannot rest on our laurels, because other manufacturers such as Huawei P9, OPPO R9 and Vivo X7 are stepping on its toes", - he stressed.

Meanwhile, analysts decided to look a little deeper into numbers and statistics of Samsung and Apple to assess current position of the two leaders.

Apple: sales of smartphones fell

Apple reported that in the 3 fiscal quarter (ended 25 June), revenue from iPhone sales brought 23%, or $ 24.04 billion. This is less than the same quarter a year ago, when iPhone sales reached US $ 31.37 billion.

The company does not report earnings by business segment, but overall net profit in the third quarter fell by 27% to $7.8 billion, from $ 10.68 billion a year ago

Samsung: sales and profits jumped

Samsung Electronics said that in the 2nd fiscal quarter (ended June 30), its mobile unit brought sales revenue equal to $ 23.58 billion (26.56 trillion Korean won.). This is 2% higher than in the same quarter last year ($ 23.13 billion).

Thus, profit of this business unit demonstrated a very significant peak. Sales of mobile devices brought an operating profit of $ 3.83 billion (4.32 trillion KRW), and it is 56%  higher than a year ago, when profit amounted to $ 2.45 billion.

Apple: smartphone shipments are declining

Reduction of volume of deliveries was not as significant due to the new more affordable iPhone SE model. Apple reported that it delivered 40.4 million pcs. of all iPhone models for its latest fiscal quarter. This is 15% lower than a year ago, when shipments reached 47.5 million units.

Samsung: smartphone shipments are growing

Samsung Electronics did not reveal how many smartphones it sold for its second fiscal quarter 2. However, IDC estimated that total shipments of Samsung smartphones amounted to 77 million pcs. This is by 5.5% more than in the same period last year (73 million pcs.).