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Report Terms ISIL Accused by the Human Right Commission

03/20/2015 - 15:12

A report presented to the Human Rights Commission, holds the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant as perpetrators of international humanitarian laws.

Iraq, UN News Centre- 19 March 2015- According to a United Nation’s statement of human-right, it appears that ISIL or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is charged against genocide, assaults on nationwide religious and ethnic sectors, and violation of “international humanitarian law”, by thereof being accused of committing fatal crimes against the entire humanity.
The said report was released by the High Commissioner for Human Rights’ office, which is in short referred to as OHCHR. The news release incorporates extensive abuses enlisted under the crimes committed by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
According to sources, the report was compiled by multiple investigators who delved deep into the matter and presented it before the High Commissioner who had initially ordered the enquiry sometimes last year. The disturbing highlights of the said document reveal that the ISIL was involved in barbarous crimes such as murder, rape, torment, forceful conversion of religion, child abduction as recruitments and sexual slavery.
The attacks conducted by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant on the people of Yezidi are held as a testimony to the crime of genocide committed by them. The same report “strongly suggests” and states that the attacks have “pointed to the intent of ISIL to destroy the Yezidi as a group”. Thus, it seems to prove a perpetration of mass homicide by the ISIL.
In fact, some incidents also indicate either a possible malfunction or a disability of the government to provide justice and protection. Moreover, it seems, there are also strong evidences of the Iraqi military groups or the Security Forces being equally involved in kidnap cases, torture tactics, war crimes and murders.
The team of investigators also interviewed almost more than a hundred people, mainly survivors from Iraq, who witnessed ISIL attacks from the month of June 2014 till the February of 2015. As per their statements one sees a targeted and brutal picture of mass killing of Yezidi boys and men, who died in the plains of Ninewa in August 2014. The report states further that:
“In some instances, villages were entirely emptied of their Yezidi population.”
The men and the boys above fourteen were shot dead and the Yezidi women were seized and taken away by the ISIL. A few such females who managed to escape from the grip of the ISIL recounts with pain that as “war-spoilt”, they were either being sold openly or were given as a present to the ISIL solders. According to the witnesses, girls are being subjects of rape as young as the tender age of six and the ISIL members take no heed of their screams.
On the other hand, the boys, who were aged between eight to fifteen, were transported to various places in Syria or Iraq and were forcefully turned into Muslims. Moreover, they had to undergo various training sessions like gun shooting, rocket firing, religious instructions, and witness humans being beheaded.
Other religious practitioners such as Sabea-Mandeans, Turkmen, Kaka’e, Shi’a, Kurds, and even Christians were equally tortured by the ISIL. Many Christians were kidnapped and were given the choice of undergoing taxation, or suffering a displacement if they refused to accept Islam, whereas a total number of almost six hundred people from the Shi’s clan were slaughtered by ISIL.
Besides putting forth other such gruesome acts of violation, the report appeals to the Government to adapt the laws of international crimes into the “domestic law” and implement them. It ends by urging the council of Human Rights to intervene and address the issue “in the strongest terms”.


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