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PwC Australia sacks two board members over data leak scandal

05/30/2023 - 03:17

Following an inquiry into the disclosure of private Australian government information, PwC Australia announced resignation of two members of the board of directors. Additionally, it has put nine of the firm's partners on indefinite leave.

Bjørn Erik Pedersen
Bjørn Erik Pedersen
The PwC scandal broke a few weeks ago. Following this, the Australian Treasury Department opened an investigation because they believed PwC was responsible for leaking sensitive information about the Australian government, which was one of their clients. New measures to stop tax evasion were under question.

Peter Collins, the head of PwC's Australian international taxation unit and a member of the team evaluating the new measures shared the information with other employees and partners, as the investigation found.

Following the discovery that the government's plans had been disclosed, Peter Collins and a number of other senior executives at the company resigned. 


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