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Prince William's Children Will Bring Millions of Dollars to British Economy

04/21/2015 - 16:10

Children of Prince William and Kate Middleton - already born son and the expected baby, whose gender is not known yet, have a positive effect on the UK economy - said Director of the British Centre for Retail Research Joshua Bamfield to The Telegraph.

Robbie Dale
Robbie Dale
According to the expert, the birth of Prince George, the first child of William and Kate, two years ago caused a sharp jump in retail trade, which brought the treasury about 250 million pounds (370 million dollars).

- If the couple have a daughter, then the effect will be much stronger! In the first days after her birth, the market will earn 80 million pounds ($ 120 million). Retailers’ revenue could exceed 1 billion pounds (1.5 billion dollars) during the whole her life! - said Bamfield.

He explained that fashion adult and children's clothing retailers, as well as manufacturers of souvenirs will be the main beneficiaries of the royal grandchildren birth. Bamfield also said that now many companies are preparing for this event and conduct research demand for the products under the "Royal" brand.

Traditionally, the gender of a new member of the royal family, and, even more, the name are not called before birth, but the British are assured that it’s going to be Princess Alice. Bets on this option are 4 to 5, and the amount of payments in this case, according to the The Telegraph, may exceed 500 thousand pounds.

Among the other most popular names of the future princess, as says The Daily Mail, are Elizabeth and Charlotte. In this case, the probability is 1 to 6.

However, many do not believe that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have another boy. Bids on this calculation are taken from 11 to 8, what is a very low coefficient. The most popular male names called are Arthur and James.

After the British bookmakers started taking bets on the date of birth of the unborn child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, most players had selected April 20, but with the approach of the day, they changed their minds. Now 27th leads the rating. In addition, Internet users believe that the baby may be born April 21 - the day Elizabeth II's 89 years old, or April 29 - the fourth anniversary of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding. Least of all bets made on May 7 - the day of general elections in the UK.

Meanwhile, authorities in London are trying to temper the enthusiasm of journalists and try to avoid excessive media attention, as it was during the birth of first royal child Prince George of Cambridge, who was born July 22, 2013.

Then the journalists were on duty around the clock at the door of St. Mary's Hospital in the west of the British capital. The clinic’s administration, where Kate will give birth this time, did not allow the media to install equipment until the time when the Duchess arrive at the hospital. Restrictions will be in force until April 30 - the day to which the royal child should be born.