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Porsche to open first factory outside Europe in 2022

08/31/2021 - 09:46

German carmaker Porsche announced that it will open an assembly plant in Malaysia next year.

Although it is, as Porsche said in a statement, a "small assembly line," this is a rather important step for the company: the plant in Malaysia will be Porsche's first production facility outside of Europe. 

For a long time, this luxury car manufacturer has been reluctant to open plants outside of Germany, even in Europe - the first such factory appeared five years ago in Slovenia. At the same time, Porsche still produces most of the cars in Germany.

Earlier this year there were rumors that the company is going to launch production in China. The fact is that the number of buyers of luxury cars in that country is growing, with imports of cars from Europe making prices even higher. 

"Quality and premium level are the arguments for still importing cars for China from Europe," Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said at the time.

Also today, Aug. 30, Porsche announced plans to establish its research and development center in Shanghai.