The Strategist

People to Stay Away From

05/29/2015 - 17:48

We all know people who spread negative around themselves and wear all the surrounding out. Such individuals may have a negative effect on your movement to success. To achieve results, we must always maintain maximum concentration. Irritation and stress, which are associated with the emergence of these types of unpleasant people, act as unnecessary obstacles – that is why such people should be strictly avoided.

1. Blame fans. They always find a way to condemn criticize everything and everyone - both people and things on their way. You can explain something to them for an hour, in every detail, but it go in one ear, and immediately out another. They make their own conclusions, without bothering to hear any evidence. They do not know how to listen and are terrible interlocutors. Trying to ask for advice or opinion of such persons is always a waste of time.

2. Envious. The road to success can be very difficult, with ups and downs. As important to have reliable people who will support you in the worst of times, so it is important to be sure that in your life you have people who sincerely congratulate you on your successes. Envious people are not happy for you, never! They believe that only they must be on your site, not anyone else.

3. Bossies. Such people not want to listen to anyone. Really, why? After all, they believe they know everything already, including the best way to do that whatsoever. And if this type of people can only be annoying in private life, they become a genuine nightmare in the business world. It’s better to stay away from bossies. Successful business requires a team that listen attentively to instructions and follow them. If your team was wormed by a lover to command, it immediately creates a problem.

4. Arrogant. Do not confuse arrogance with confidence. Confident people inspire others, while the arrogant only scare and irritate. Haughty person does not doubt that they are the best around. The clash with them in private life may leave an unpleasant aftertaste, and in terms of professional work, such a behavior can be the cause of other serious problems.

5. Victims. An eternal victim is always at the ready excuse, they always blame others for their mistakes and blunders. This type of person has perhaps the most detrimental effect on others. They never take responsibility and always quick to point the finger at someone else, and shift the blame. Eliminate them from your business and from your environment as a whole, because such people is a continuous headache.

6. Whiners. One is always tuned pessimistic immediately deprive you of positive energy. A whiner happy when gloom reigns. You will never get a single encouraging word from whiners. They criticize every your idea and instead support, give you a glowing description of countless ways on which you may suffer a setback. Do not miss new opportunities and growth potential of notice? It's definitely not about them! People of this type can be referred to the energy vampires – beware!

7. Gossipers. People gossip, because they are full of doubts, and when the truth is distorted, others get false information, someone's feelings get hurt, enemies are born. If your business environment has a local gossiper, it can be devastating. These people, like cancer cells, rapidly destroy healthy business atmosphere.

If you recognized someone close to you here, look at the situation fairly and objectively. Surely, this man is poisoning your life beyond the doubts. Try to say goodbye to them to be able to remain fully focused on achieving the goals and not to waste time and energy on unnecessary distraction.