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Over 1,000 people die in Saudi Arabia during Hajj due to heat wave

06/21/2024 - 09:27

Over a thousand individuals have lost their lives during the Hajj as a result of the extreme heat in Mecca, The Independent writes.

Al Jazeera English via flickr
Al Jazeera English via flickr
"More than a thousand people have died during the hajj in Saudi Arabia, with temperatures in Mecca peaking at 51.8 degrees Celsius in recent days," the newspaper notes.

The precise number of those who perished during the pilgrimage has not yet been disclosed by the Saudi authorities. Among the dead are Algerian, Egyptian, Pakistani, Indonesian, and other nationals. 

Over 240 individuals lost their lives during the Hajj in 2017 as a result of heat, chaos, and other factors.

This year, the Hajj took place from June 14 to June 19, with over 1.83 million participants. The Hajj is a yearly pilgrimage to Mecca, home of the Kaaba, Islam's principal shrine. It is done at the start of the twelfth month in the Muslim lunar calendar. It is considered that every devout Muslim, if his financial situation and physical health permit it, should perform the Hajj at least once in his lifetime.


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