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Number of Ukrainian refugees with EU temporary protection status exceeds 5 million

04/03/2023 - 03:36

As of March 28, more than 5 million Ukrainian refugees had been given temporary protection status in EU nations, according to UNHCR statistics.

Mirek Pruchnicki
Mirek Pruchnicki
Among the EU nations bordering Ukraine, Poland (1,5 million), the Czech Republic (500 thousand), Bulgaria (155 thousand), Romania (123 thousand), and Slovakia (112 thousand) hosted the majority of the exiles.

Among other EU nations, the majority of Ukrainian immigrants resided in Germany (922 thousand), Great Britain (191,000), Italy (173,000), Spain (171,000), France (1183,000), Austria (943,000) and the Netherlands (89 thousand).

There were 8.1 million Ukrainian refugees listed in total. Approximately 11.3 million people who fled the nation after the start of the war have already made their way back.