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Nestle faces preliminary charges in France in pizza poisoning case

07/08/2024 - 03:10

Preliminary charges of involuntary manslaughter have been brought against Swiss Nestle and its local subsidiary Société des Produits Alimentaires de Caudry (SPAC) by French prosecutors in the Buitoni frozen pizza poisoning case, reports MarketWatch.

Nestlé via flickr
Nestlé via flickr
The allegations were brought on July 2 and July 4, but the investigation is still ongoing, and there hasn't been a trial date scheduled, according to a spokesperson for the Swiss corporation.

The SPAC that made the pizza declared that it would accept full responsibility for the events that transpired.

The inquiry into the widespread poisoning got underway in March 2022. It was discovered that the pizza had E. coli. Numerous individuals, including kids, were impacted, and two kids lost their lives. Production of Buitoni pizza has been stopped since then. Nestle came to a settlement of compensation with 63 victims and their families in 2023.