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Nestle admits making unhealthy food

06/01/2021 - 03:32

Switzerland's largest food company Nestle admitted the fact that the largest part of its products cannot be labeled as healthy and several products can never be considered so. The admission is contained in an internal presentation of the company.

According to the FT, the paper was prepared and was distributed to the company's top managers at the beginning of the year. Just 37% of the beverages and food produced by Nestle (not counting food for animals and specialty health food) exceeds a 3.5 rating under Australia's healthy eating system. 

According to the presentation, the FT reports, around 70% of goods (by revenue) were not able to get a 3.5 rating. 96% of beverages (except for pure coffee) cannot be considered healthy, and the number for ice cream and sweets reaches 99%. At that,  82% of products in the mineral water segment and 60% of goods in the dairy products segment received over 3.5 points.

The calculations exclude pet food, baby food, medical food and coffee. Therefore, the data cover about half of the company's annual revenue.