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Moet Hennessy warns about dwindling stocks of expensive champagne

11/16/2022 - 02:31

The maker of upscale spirits Moet Hennessy has warned that its supply of pricey champagne is running low.

According to Moet Hennessy's general manager Philippe Schaus, the company is practically out of all of its expensive champagne brands due to the huge demand for high-end alcoholic beverages.

The corporation, according to Schaus, is already referring to this period of increased interest in champagne as the "new roaring twenties", the era of the 1920s, when industry and consumer demand were on the rise in Western Europe and the United States. The good news is that Moet Hennessy anticipates new supplies and restocking after the New Year, according to the manager.

The biggest economies in the West are currently dealing with the highest inflation in decades. At a conference held by Bloomberg, Schaus declared that this is now a significant uncertainty for the business. According to the executive, growing raw material costs may compel Moet Hennessy to hike prices on some products by roughly 10%, or even more.