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Models and Children Are not Allowed to Attend Car Exhibition in Shanghai

04/09/2015 - 15:38

Models and children will not be allowed to the 16th Shanghai Auto Show, reports The China Daily.

by Land Rover Our Planet via flickr
by Land Rover Our Planet via flickr
New rules for the show prohibit models attending the stands to attract attention to the product. The organizers believe that such a measure will help visitors to focus on the updates to the automotive industry. However, most of all, as the newspaper writes, manufacturers try to dodge the ban by hiring model look girls as administrators, or sales assistants.
- Companies need to focus on product quality and technology, - said the organizing committee of the Shanghai Motor Show.
- We hope that the exhibitors will present their achievements gracefully and within the bounds of decency. Actions with low taste and violating public morality are completely banned.

Chinese authorities have repeatedly accused car companies and organizers of exhibitions in excessively revealing outfits models. I.e., in 2012, the Beijing authorities reprimanded organizers of a local motor show, saying that the appearance of the girls has "a negative impact on the public."

Organizers of the Shanghai Motor Show clarified that made this decision after consulting with the companies that are involved in the Auto Show.

Auto Shows in other cities should also stop inviting models and celebrities involved in the premieres, - said the representative of Zhejiang Geely group. – We have to bring real motor shows back to visitors.

As China Daily’s source said, the exhibition in other cities, most likely in the near future, would really follow the example of Shanghai. Meanwhile, models themselves claim that their presence at the stands already "has become part of car culture" and questions about dresses must be specified by the firms, because the models are not involved in the selection of clothing.

In addition, young children are banned from attending the show too. This was done for security reasons. China Daily suggests that the ban may be associated with an incident that occurred in early March at the launch of a new version of the Tesla Model S in Beijing.

Two electric car on a stand were left with open doors, in one of which a five year-old boy climbed and started the engine. The car began to move and shot down in the path a baby carriage. Luckily, the baby was taken on the hands before the car hit the stroller.

International Exhibition of the automotive industry opens April 22. It will be held in the largest exhibition center in Shanghai - National Exhibition and Conventional Center, an area of ​​about 530 thousand square meters. Organizers are planning to host record number of participants for the world's auto show - 2000 automakers from 18 countries. They will show 1343 model cars, among which 109 have not yet been exhibited in public.

Model business in China is growing rapidly, though officially banned. Especially model of European appearance are the most popular. The demand for them is so high that even people who do not look like models can get the job in the modeling industry.

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