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May car sales in the EU up 53.4%

06/18/2021 - 04:00

Last month, new car sales in Europe increased by 53.4% compared to May 2020. According to the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA), 891,665 cars were sold in the region in May this year.

Emilio Labrador via flickr
Emilio Labrador via flickr
However, while this is significantly better than May 2020, when the car market was barely moving in the pandemic, it is still a long way from May 2019, when 1.2 million cars were sold.

Overall, the European car market is showing growth for the third consecutive month, with sales in March, April and May aiming to recover what was lost during the pandemic after declining in January and February amid continued restrictions.

The Spanish market posted the strongest sales growth in May (in percentage terms), up 177.8%. Sales in the key EU markets of France (+46.4%), Italy (+43%) and Germany (+37.2%) increased significantly. Of the European automakers, the Volkswagen Group had the biggest increase in sales, with over 250,000 vehicles sold, up 71.8% on May 2020, and the BMW Group, with 60,900 vehicles, up 69.6%. Stellantis sales were up 49.1% last month and Renault Group sales were up 22.5%.