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Macron: France needs strong and stable Germany

11/21/2017 - 04:51

France wants a strong and stable Germany to propel Europe forward, and the country's authorities will continue to work with the current government of Germany, the official spokesman for French President Emmanuel Macron said.

"For Germany and for Europe, we want our main partner to be stable and strong in order to move forward together," the official said. "This only increases the need for France to put forward proposals, take the initiative, work on an ambitious European project, which we will implement with our German partner," he added.

Efforts to form a tripartite coalition government in Germany failed, which is why the country has found itself in the middle of the worst political crisis in several decades.

The day before, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that her efforts to form a tripartite coalition government had failed, plunging Germany into a political crisis and placing Europe's largest economy in the face of possible new elections.

After four weeks of negotiations, the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP) unexpectedly left the negotiating process with the conservative bloc Merkel and the Green Party of Environmentalists, citing irreconcilable differences.

The euro reached a two-month low against the yen shortly after FDP leader Christian Lindner announced on Sunday that his party is withdrawing from negotiations, as three potential partners cannot come to an understanding on key issues.

Merkel said that she will remain as chancellor and will hold consultations with the current president Frank-Walter Steinmeier on further progress.

The issue of migration was the main obstacle in the negotiations. Merkel’s CDU Party and the CSU party demanded to limit annual number of asylum seekers that Germany accepts every year. This measure was rejected by the Green Party.

There was also discord over conservative proposals to restrict the rights of refugees to bring their closest relatives.

Merkel said that a compromise with the Green Party on immigration was possible. Also, special attention was drawn to the problems of government spending, tax cuts and climate protection policies.

"No progress has been made today; we can rather talk about the collapse, since possible compromises have been called into question. It's better not to rule at all than to rule incorrectly. Goodbye!" - said Lindner of the FDP.


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