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Lufthansa Pilots September Strike is Prolonged

09/08/2015 - 16:27

German civil aviation pilots union Vereinigung Cockpit announced the expansion of the strike action before the start scheduled on September 8.

Pedro Aragão
Pedro Aragão
Thus, after the strike on long-haul flights operated by Deutsche Lufthansa AG on Tuesday, September 9, the pilots are planning to discontinue service flights on the near and medium distances, reports Deutsche Welle.
As reported, on Monday, Cockpit called on the pilots to stop work on long-haul routes and serves cargo division Lufthansa Cargo with tickets from Germany from 8:00 am to midnight on local time on September 8. As a result, 84 flights at Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf and other cities were canceled. At the same time, 90 intercontinental flights and seven flights Lufthansa Cargo will take place on schedule.

The strike on September 9 will have far more serious consequences for passengers. 1520 flights were scheduled on Wednesday, including the 1350 internal German and European and 175 intercontinental. They were supposed to fly 180 thousand passengers.

At the same time, Lufthansa has already warned that it is necessary, apparently, to cancel hundreds of flights. The airline criticized the pilots union for the fact that they went on strike at the end of the school holidays in the federal state of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, which is why this may affect families, returning home to the beginning of the school year.

Late last week, Cockpit announced the failure of negotiations with the company that is not willing to make concessions on the collective agreement with the pilots.

The first Cockpit and the employer’s conflict is related to payments to pilots retired, yet not reached retirement age. The latest plan, proposed by the trade union, provides saving 500 million euros to Lufthansa, with all subsidiary discounter Eurowings’ pilots transferred to the same collective bargaining agreement as other pilots.

Since April 2014, the pilots were on strike for 12 times. Last year, multiple pilots’ strike reduced Lufthansa’s operating profit by 232 million euros, and the total damage caused by the strike, according to the airlines, exceeded 300 million euros.

Lufthansa Group, besides the brand of the same name, owns Austrian Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Germanwings and shares in Brussels Airlines and American JetBlue. In 2014, they carried almost 106 million passengers.