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Lego refuses to advertise toy police due to protests in the US

06/04/2020 - 08:20

In connection with protests and unrest in the United States, Lego refused to promote its kits with toy police officers, firefighters, criminals, sniffer dogs and handcuffs - more than 30 sets in total, The Toybook reports. The figurines will remain on sale, including through the company's website, but they will no longer be advertised on social networks.

“We asked our partners to refrain from posting Lego advertising content. We respect the #BlackOutTuesday campaign and stop posting content on our social networks in response to the tragic events in the USA,” Lego press service said.

Many social media users in the United States, no matter individuals and companies, are publishing black squares on their pages as part of the #BlackOutTuesday flash mob in memory of African-American George Floyd, who died during a cruel detention. In this way, they are expressing solidarity with the victims of racism and police violence.

George Floyd was detained by police in Minneapolis (Minnesota). The man was unarmed. During the arrest, a policeman threw him on the asphalt, after which he pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck and held him. George Floyd died in the hospital.

Police officer Derek Chauvin is accused of the murder. Charges of incitement to murder and aiding were brought against three other police officers involved in the detention. After what happened, riots broke out in many US cities. According to AP, at least 11 people died. More than 9 thousand protesters were detained. Later, protests began in other countries, including the UK and France.