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JPMorgan to pay $290M to Jeffrey Epstein’s victims

06/14/2023 - 10:11

JPMorgan Chase Bank has agreed to pay $290 million to resolve a class action lawsuit brought by Jeffrey Epstein's sexual assault victims. This information was provided by victims' attorneys to The Wall Street Journal.
In a complaint filed last November, victims of sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein charged JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank with aiding the American financier's illegal actions. The plaintiffs claimed that despite warnings regarding its affluent customer, the banks continued to provide services to Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplices.

According to the lawsuit, by doing this, they contributed to the maintenance of the illegal sex trafficking network.

JPMorgan sued Jes Staley, its former head of private banking, twice in federal court in Manhattan in March 2023. In one lawsuit, the banker was charged with giving Jeffrey Epstein financial support, while in the other, he was charged with sexual abuse.

"Any involvement with Epstein was a mistake, and we regret it," JPMorgan stated. "We would never continue to do business with him if we believed he was in any way utilizing our bank to commit terrible crimes."