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Italy to Leave Eurozone

04/09/2015 - 16:29

A petition to hold a national referendum, the main theme of which will be Italy’s exit from Eurozone, was signed by more than 100 thousand citizens. This allows supporters of going away from euro to push the document for consideration by the Italian Parliament.

Floris Oosterveld
Floris Oosterveld
Italian supporters of the exit have collected more than 100 thousand signatures on a petition to hold a national referendum, which allows to introduce a bill to the national parliament. This was told to RIA Novosti news agency by one of the organizers of this public campaign, a member of the Chamber of Deputies Carlo Sibilia, who also represents the largest opposition force in Italy - public "Movement of 5 stars."

- To the people's initiative, 50,000 signatures were needed, but we decided to triple that number in order to demonstrate the importance of the problem and the seriousness of our intentions. At the present time, we have already collected more than 100,000 signatures, but intend to increase this number to 150 thousand. I think the result will be reached in early May. Then, in accordance with the Institute of National Legislative Initiative, we will introduce the bill on holding a referendum to the parliamentary committee on constitutional issues. We believe that such a referendum would take place in early 2016, - said Carlo Sibilia.

- In fact, the idea of ​​the exit from the euro zone is supported by other parliamentary parties, in particular, by "Northern League" and "Forza Italia" by Silvio Berlusconi. However, they are increasingly saying, we are doing the real deal. Although, I hope that these forces in parliament, as well as some of Democratic Party - the most associated with European lobby, will support us - said Sibilia.

Last fall, a famous blogger and satirist Beppe Grillo, the leader and founder of the "Movement of 5 stars" announced about the beginning of the collection of signatures in favor of a referendum to Italy’s withdraw from the euro zone. In his opinion, "it is necessary to return the Italian monetary sovereignty to exit from the nightmare of bankruptcy and default," otherwise work is over, as in Greece.

The agency notes that according to a recent poll conducted in early April, "Movement 5 Stars" is the second most important political force in Italy after the ruling Democratic Party, and can now count on the support of 21.3% of voters.

Let us recall that Grand Britain supports the idea too. In particular, Prime Minister David Cameron has repeatedly promised to hold a referendum in 2017 on the possibility of exit from the EU in case of victory of his party in the elections in May 2015. According to a recent public opinion poll, 42% of the citizens of the kingdom are ready to cast their votes for UK’s exit out of the EU, while 37% of Britons stand for maintaining membership in the EU.


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