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Italy convenes special commission to discuss pasta price hikes

05/05/2023 - 03:28

The rapid increase in pasta prices has prompted Adolfo Urso, Minister of Enterprises and of the Made in Italy, to order convention of a special commission for the first time. In March, the prices increased 17.5% compared to the previous year. The commission meeting is scheduled for May 11.

The National Union of Italian Consumers (Unc) reports that from June 2021, the country's costs for pasta have risen, climbing by 37% during this time. This is attributed to the declining cost of the wheat needed to manufacture this type of pasta.

According to figures by the Institute of Agri-Food Market Services (Ismea), grain imported from non-EU nations has decreased in price by 34.4% since April 2022 and the price of Italian durum wheat has decreased by 28.3%.

One kilogram of pasta now costs more than €2 in Italian regions and provinces, according to research conducted in March by the consumer rights group Assoutenti. Ancona set the record price at €2.44, while Bologna, Genoa, and Cagliari reported high costs as well.