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Italian Education Minister resigns, Five Star Movement losing ground

12/26/2019 - 09:21

Italian Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti told Reuters that he had resigned after he could not get additional funding from the government.

Lorenzo Fioramonti
Lorenzo Fioramonti
According to Fioramonti, billions of euro are needed by his ministry to improve the country's schools and universities.

The minister told Reuters that he notified Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of his “irrevocable resignation” in a letter dated December 23.

This resignation is hitting the government, the agency said. The ruling parties of Italy have disagreements on various issues, from the reform of the Eurozone to the rights of migrants.

The departure of Fioramonti also highlights the problems of his party, the Five Star Movement, amid widespread internal dissatisfaction with party leader Luigi Di Maio.

In July, Italy avoided the threat of disciplinary action from the EU, convincing the European Commission that the new measures would help bring the country's growing debt in line with the fiscal rules of the bloc.

The Commission called on Italy to comply with its obligations to prepare the budget for 2020 in accordance with the EU budgetary rules. Italy pledged to reduce the structural deficit next year, as was done in 2019, thanks to measures to reduce costs and increase revenue.