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Iraqi foreign minister reveals plans to supply gas to Europe

03/20/2023 - 02:38

Iraq plans to work on gas fields so that it can export gas in the future to other nations, including the European Union, according to the foreign minister of Iraq, Fuad Hussein, speaking before the Iraq-European Union cooperation council.

Erik Christensen
Erik Christensen
"We'll talk about various areas of collaboration, like gas and oil. Iraq, which already produces crude, will also start producing gas."

"We are investing in gas fields in order to use gas on the domestic market and export gas to other nations, including Europe," Fuad Hussain stated at a news conference.

The Persian Gulf oil and gas basin contains the majority of Iraq's oil and gas resources. One of the top three energy exporters is Iraq. Iraq reportedly intends to begin gas extraction at the Akkas field close to the Syrian border in October 2022.


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