The Strategist

Iraq lowers oil exports in November

12/21/2020 - 06:02

Iraqi oil exports declined in November compared to October, while revenues remained almost the same due to higher oil prices, according to data released by the Iraqi Oil Ministry.

Oil exports averaged 2,876 million barrels per day in October and 2,613 million barrels per day - in September.

"Iraq's oil export volume for November was 81,262,376 barrels," the Ministry of Oil said in a report. Thus, the average daily export volume reached the level of 2,708 million barrels.

Total export revenues for November amounted to $3,403 billion at an average price of $41.88 per barrel.

Iraq's oil export revenues in October were $3,457 billion at an average oil price of $38.77 a barrel, and in October 2019 they were $6,121 billion at $57.28 a barrel.