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Instagram to Ban Bare Breast

04/17/2015 - 17:27

According to Independent, the new rules prohibit publish bare buttocks, genitals, intercourse photo and "some pictures of the female breast." At the same time, pictures of breastfeeding and mastectomy scars are allowed to publish.

At the time, Instagram noted that they understand people's desire to share nude photos that have "artistic or creative nature", but prohibit the publication of nudity. "Nudity in photocopies of paintings and sculptures is also permitted," - says the rules.

In addition, the administration of the social network intends to ban the publication of images of naked or partially naked children for safety reasons. "Even if the content is published in good faith, it can be used other special unforeseen way," - say Instagram.

The rules also clarifies the concept of discrimination and violence "should never encourage violence or attacks against someone because of their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, or illness."

It is also alleged that Instagram is "not a place for support or glorification of terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups." Instagram will also delete the photos that person causes harm to himself.

Meanwhile, followers of the social movement ‘Free The Nipple’ are categorically against the ban. Recently, virtual activists joined Madonna herself, publishing nude-picture, calling to fight "the hypocrisy of social media" (rules of Facebook and Instagram photo involve blocking bare breasts). Very different women, famous and not, want to ensure that the mammary glands have become a normal part of the body instead of the "private parts".

Female celebrities did not like that Instagram and Facebook considers possible to block their personal pictures because of allegedly excessive eroticism, and they decided to express their dissatisfaction by using hashtag #FreeTheNipple. So the movement has gained massive popularity.

The rules that put Instagram and Facebook imply blocking photographs depicting the female breast with nipples uncovered. If nipples are retouched, then bare chest is considered acceptable, that is. Free The Nipple activists outraged that at the time man's nipples do not fall under the ban. What is the difference, then? -  they are surprised.

Not empty slogans are at the heart of the protests of Free The Nipple activists, but a very specific historical background. At the beginning of the XX century, chest demonstration was considered taboo for both men and women. They could not go bare-chested even on the beach.