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Indonesian Police Arrested Three People Preparing Terrorist Acts on Behalf of IG

08/14/2015 - 16:32

Indonesian police arrested three people connected with the terrorist group "Islamic State", that planned to organize a series of bombings during the celebrations scheduled for Monday 70th anniversary of independence of the country, the newspaper New Straits Times writes, citing the police.

Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia
Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia
Detainees would make attacks on several churches and a police station in the city of Surakarta in Java, according to the publication with reference to the law enforcers. One of the detainees was responsible for the production of bombs, the second helped to mix the explosives, and the third planned attacks and conducted surveillance of possible targets. Directing and financing provided Indonesian extremist, who is currently a member of the IG, and is located on the territory of Syria, according to the publication, citing a source in the police.
- Hard work of the police and people’s help allowed us to foil their plans to organize a terrorist attack on August 17," - the head of the local police, Nur Ali, said at a press conference.

The operation took place in Surakarta. Police also managed to capture 21 detonator already made explosives and ingredients. In addition, during the raid, police found several flags and T-shirts with symbols of the IG.

Surakarta is the hometown of the President of Indonesia Joko Widodo, but it is unknown whether he was planning to celebrate Independence Day there.

Terrorist group "Islamic State" is today one of the major threats to global security. In three years, the terrorists managed to capture large areas of Iraq and Syria. In addition, they are trying to spread its influence in North Africa. There is no united front against the IG: the government forces of Syria and Iraq, an international coalition led by the US (so far limited to air strikes) as well as the Kurds and the Lebanese and Iraqi Shiite militias are fighting with the group. As a result of the fighting, hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed and several million have become refugees.


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