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IMF: Financial markets instability adds uncertainty for global economy

04/12/2023 - 11:13

According to a research by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), financial market instability and a number of contradictory indications have exacerbated uncertainty regarding the future of the global economy.
"Given the recent increase in financial market volatility and multiple divergent indicators, the fog around the prospects for the global economy has thickened," the organization stated in a document.

As previously mentioned, there is still a lot of uncertainty, and until the issues in the banking sector are fixed, there is a possibility of a worldwide economic downturn.

"A severe slowdown, especially for advanced economies, has become a much greater risk," the IMF said.

The crisis in Ukraine, economic fragmentation, tighter monetary policy by central banks to fight inflation, historically high levels of debt burden, and all other significant negative elements that were present in 2022 are still there in 2023.