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IAEA: Iran grows amounts of highly enriched uranium over the quarter

05/28/2024 - 06:45

Tehran has once more added 20.6 kg of enriched uranium to its stockpile during the quarter, compared to the information available during the time of the IAEA assessment in February, reports Associated Press referring to the agency's quarterly report.

IAEA Imagebank
IAEA Imagebank
As a result, Iran currently has 142.1 kg of uranium that has been enriched to 60% in storage. Nuclear weaponry requires uranium enrichment to a maximum of ninety percent.

Furthermore, the IAEA reports that the overall amount of enriched uranium in stockpile, including all varieties, increased by 675.8 kg during the quarter to 6,201.3 kg in May.

The Iranian government asserts that their nuclear program is solely for peaceful purposes and that they have no aspirations to develop nuclear weapons.