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How Chinese Richest People Lost $ 5.6 Billion During One Day

08/26/2015 - 14:44

China's stock market crash has hit the local billionaires, despite the fact that they hold the lion's share of their capital outside the stock exchange. Three of Asia's richest man lost $ 5.6 billion on Monday.

World Economic Forum via flickr
World Economic Forum via flickr
Wang Jianlin has lost $ 3.6 billion. This person takes an honorable position of Asia's richest man, and his wealth is estimated at $ 31.2 billion. However, Wang invested some of the money in a company, which placed the shares on the open market. This is Dalian Wanda Commerical Properties, papers of which collapsed by 17%, depriving the billionaire of $ 2 billion, and Wanda Cinema Line, fell by 10% and depriving Wang of $ 1 billion.

Interestingly, Wang Jianlin is ranked first among China's billionaires with a fortune of $ 24.2 billion in the Forbes ranking. In other words, since the beginning of 2015, his capital grew dramatically, before once again begin to shrink against the backdrop of the exchange collapse. Bloomberg also mentions that the entrepreneur has lost some of the money invested in private companies.

Note also that Wang holds the money in shares of his own companies, and its interests are distributed primarily in the real estate development business and cinema. Owning a network of cinemas and building assets, the businessmen also proposes to build a Hollywood analogue in China. In addition, he is a deputy of the National People's Congress.

Another rich man, Li Ka-shing, lost $ 1.5 billion in the "Black Monday". This resident of Hong Kong has a fortune of $ 30.4 billion and is inferior in terms of capital only to Wang Jianlin.

Jack Ma, occupying third place in the Asian rankings, lost $ 546 million. State of the Alibaba’s founder is currently estimated at $ 29.6 billion. A total of three billionaires got poorer by $ 5.6 billion. By the way, the shares of Alibaba now in a good plus. Against the background of general improvement in sentiment in the market, the company increased in price by 3.5% to $ 165 billion.

However, these results are far from the last year’s highs, when the business of Jack Ma was worth nearly twice as much after IPO on the American Stock Exchange.

A total of 400 richest people have lost $ 124 billion in the last three months. That's one-fifth of their total state. Of course, Asian business as a whole has been growing poorer not only on Monday, yet the Japanese is in positive territory: Bloomberg reports that Tadashi Yanai, the richest man in Japan, has increased his capital by $ 106 million, up to $ 21 billion, while the stock of his company Fast Retailing fell by 6%.

To support the economy, China's Central Bank on Tuesday decided to reduce the key interest rates for the fifth time since November 2014. At the same time, the regulator has revised reserve requirements for banks. The interest rate on an annual loans decreased by 25 basis points to 4.6%, for annual deposits - and 25 b.p. to 1.75%. Changes will take effect from 26 August. Reserve ratio was cut by 50 b.p., the decision will come into force on 6 September. These standards in 2015 went down twice.

Previously, the data was disappointing. Business activity in the processing industry in China fell in August to its lowest level of the past 6 years, as evidenced by published in the Friday preliminary index of purchasing managers Caixin Media and Markit Economics for August. The preliminary value of the index was 47.1 points against the average forecast of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg, at 48.2 and 47.8 points in July.