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H&P: Number of multimillionaires in the world grows by 12% over 2023

10/13/2023 - 03:32

According to a joint analysis by Henley & Partners (H&P) and New World Wealth, the number of dollar multimillionaires—those whose fortune surpasses $100 million—has climbed by 12% over the course of the year. There were 28.4 thousand of them in the world as of June of this year.

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public domain pictures
38% of them reside in the United States, making up the majority of them.

Based on the number of residents with wealth above $100 million, the ranking includes four American cities. New York (775), the San Francisco Bay Area (692), and Los Angeles and its suburbs (504), comprise the top three. 

London (388), the sole participant from the United Kingdom in the entire list, came in at number four. 

The four Asian megacities of Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, and Hong Kong come next on the list. Paris and Chicago complete the top ten.