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Google Garbles Search Results

06/30/2015 - 15:16

Google filters the results displayed by promoting its own services instead of services of competitors, thereby violating the antitrust laws of many countries and harming the users of the Internet, according to a study conducted by American scientists Michael Luke from Harvard Business School and Tim Wu from Columbia University Law School.

The study was conducted with the support of Yelp - one of the companies that applied to the European Commission (as the main antitrust agency of the European Union) to complain about the search engine Google, writes The Wall Street Journal. The document was presented to the European Commission last Friday.

On the basis of statistical tests, as well as lengthy economic and legal analysis, scientists have concluded that Google's search results in promoting its own specialized services to the detriment of competitors, including Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Currently Google displays the results not by relevance, and giving preference to its own services and partners in the first lines. The study's authors argue that if it were not so, users would be much more likely to be passed on the links by relevance.

- Thus, using a dominant position in the search market to promote domestic content, Google reduces the social benefits, giving consumers the results of lower quality and worst match - they wrote.

In April, the EU formally accused Google of distorting search results. Google's share of Internet search market in Europe is about 90%.
Earlier, one of the world's largest photo agencies Getty Images filed a complaint against Google to the European Commission for violating antitrust laws, according to BBC News.

Getty representatives argue that the link to the original photo file in the Google search is specifically positioned, so that it is difficult to users to find it.

In addition, Google allows users to copy pictures in the usual click, what the photo archive named "massive theft of the original content." "This means that Google makes a profit by using Getty Images content without switching users to the site in the Image Bank", - said in a statement on its website.

Earlier, the Swedish Internet activist accused Google of installing the browser Spyware software, which, in his view, allows wiretapping of users.

In April, the European Commission initiated proceedings on the practice of Google's Android. The Office believes that Google prevents access to the market of competing mobile operating systems, applications and services, thereby compromising the interests of consumers.