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Global tin output loses 2.1% in 2023

04/08/2024 - 03:25

The International Tin Association (ITA) has released preliminary figures showing that global refined tin production fell by 2.1% to 370.1 thousand tons in 2023.

Klearchos Kapoutsis
Klearchos Kapoutsis
Peru's Minsur held the second-place spot in the world's output rankings, behind China's Yunnan Tin Co. (YTC) which keeps holding the first place.

In the meantime, PT Timah of Indonesia keeps falling in the world rankings. Last year, the company lost ground to Malaysia Smelting Corp. and dropped to fifth place. PT Timah fell to fourth place in 2022 after Yunnan Chengfeng of China overtook it in second place the previous year. In 2020, YTC overtook the Indonesian company at the top.

In 2023, the top ten corporations produced about 59% of all metals worldwide. According to ITA, their combined increase in productivity was 856 tons.

Mainland China produced 177,000 tons of tin last year, a 1.3% decrease.