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Global tablet sales in 2023 fall to lowest since 2011

02/06/2024 - 06:11

Preliminary figures from research firm IDC show that global sales of tablets in 2023 dropped 20.5% to 128.5 million devices, marking the lowest level since 2011.

Shipments decreased 17.4% to 36.8 million tablets in the fourth quarter. This is a record decline for a fourth quarter since 2016.

"Given the lack of major improvements in the economy, people prefer to spend money on something other than consumer electronics, and tablets are probably not a priority," Anuroopa Nataraj, a senior analyst at IDC, said.

According to her, if the economy strengthens this year, there may be potential for the tablet industry to rebound. However, the basic issues won't go away because, according to the expert, advances in artificial intelligence technology will probably first impact the PC and smartphone markets.