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Global drones market is estimated at $127,3 bln

05/12/2016 - 16:50

Volume of world’s developing market of business services using drones exceeds $ 127 billion. This figure was calculated by PwC basing on research in the field of commercial use of unmanned devices technology. PwC even opened a special office for this consulting segment.

The revolution in the use of drones has a significant impact on various sectors of the economy, from agriculture to the media.

Considering the significant impact that use of drones could have on a number of industries, PwC has opened an international center of competence in the use of unmanned devices and data analysts in Poland. The purpose of the center's activities is to provide clients with assistance in solving their business problems.

Use of unmanned devices technology in existing business processes enables companies from various sectors of the economy to create new operating and business models.

There is a variety of needs in every industry. Unmanned devices can give answer to some business needs solutions basing on the use of different features of these devices. Some sectors of the economy demand critical flight speed and payload, while others choose solutions that ensure high quality of data received in real time, with the cost effective level.

According to the results of "Clarity from above" report, prepared by PwC, available market for introduction of solutions using unmanned devices exceeds $ 127 billion.

This is cost of current business services and labor, to be replaced by drones, according to PwC experts. Most of prospects for the use of these solutions lie in the infrastructure sector, where the total amount of available market numbers about $ 45.2 billion. 

Unmanned devices equipped in camera and sensors are used worldwide to provide businesses with more complete and comprehensive information. In addition, unmanned devices are used in transport and for operations of high accuracy, providing an increasing impact on the companies’ commercial strategies.

Solutions using unmanned devices are most relevant for those industries that require mobility, and high-quality information. In particular, companies that manage assets located in the vast territory, have their own problems and challenges that can be solved with the help of unmanned devices technologies.

Integration of these devices into the daily operational process will help create great advantages for large capital construction projects in the management of infrastructure and agriculture.

Insurance and mining companies will be able to find opportunities to improve efficiency of its processes progressively with getting on new levels of quality and data availability. Of course, the transport industry will also be able to completely change its concept of delivery to the "last mile".

Above that, one of the main purposes of unmanned devices is to monitor current investment and maintenance of existing infrastructure.