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Global car market falls by 7% in the first half of 2019

07/29/2019 - 11:42

In June, the global car market fell by 6.4%. Results of six months were even worse as the sales fell by 6.6%.

Eric Jones
Eric Jones
The world car market in June decreased by 6.4%, to 7 million 794 thousand cars and light commercial vehicles. In the first six months of 2019, sales of cars in the world amounted to 45 million 159 thousand units (-6.6%), calculated LMC Automotive.

The annual level of sales cleared of seasonality, calculated from the results of the first half of the year, amounted to 89 million 930 thousand vehicles.

China is still the world’s leader in car sales. 12 million 076 thousand cars (-12.4%) were sold in this country in January-June.

Negative dynamics in the Chinese market has been going on for twelve months in a row against the background of the slowdown of the country's economic growth and trade disputes with the United States.

America remains the second largest global car market with an indicator of 8 million 432 thousand cars, which is 2.1% lower than the figure for the same period last year. The automobile markets of Western Europe in the first half amounted to 8 million 699 thousand cars (-2.9%).

Car sales in Eastern Europe decreased by 7.3% to 1 million 982 thousand units.

In South America, local dealers sold 1 million 491 thousand cars, which is 7.4% less than in January-June last year. Among the world's largest car markets are Japan (2 million 719 thousand units, + 0.9%), Canada (981 thousand units, -5.5%) and South Korea (849.2 thousand units, -3,6%).