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Germany and France to cooperate on common gas procurement mechanisms

01/23/2023 - 10:24

In the upcoming years, France and Germany will collaborate on shared gas procurement strategies, French President Emmanuel Macron stated on Sunday.

European Parliament via flickr
European Parliament via flickr
"In the upcoming years, we have made the decision to collaborate closely on gas procurement arrangements. In addition to working on shared platforms, we aim to establish long-term procurement processes," Macron stated during a press conference in Paris following a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The European Union decided in December to establish a system for the joint purchase of at least 13.5 billion cubic meters of gas in the EU by 2023. The companies of the union and businesses that use gas in the EU will present their import requirements through this system. A total of 13.5 billion cubic meters, or 15% of the EU states' responsibilities to fill their underground storage facilities with gas, must be obtained from all of the member states.

In order to find gas offers on international markets for joint purchases, the EU will hire a specialized entity.