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Germany Joins the Fight Against Islamic State

12/01/2015 - 15:07

Today, the German government approved the Bundeswehr's participation in the antiterrorist operation in Syria. It is about deploying the most ambitious overseas mission of the Bundeswehr: up to 1.2 thousand soldiers can be involved in the operation. Formally, the operation still need the Bundestag’s approval, yet, the German media are sure that there’s not much to wait.

The military operation against the terrorist organization "Islamic State" in Syria could take up to 1.2 thousand soldiers of the Bundeswehr. In addition, the government allowed participation of several reconnaissance aircrafts Tornado, an aircraft-refueling tanker and a frigate to protect the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The operation may begin once the Bundestag approves it. According to Spiegel, the operation’s term expires on 31 December 2016. The preliminary cost is estimated at € 134 million.

Recall that before, Berlin had not considered possibilities of strengthening its military presence in Syria. "Germany is actively involved in the Vienna talks. And even if our role in the regional operations is less than that of France and Russia, Germany has already voted more humanitarian assistance than other countries, and has taken more Syrian refugees "- said a source in the German Foreign Ministry. However, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Germany intensified debates on security problems and prevention of terrorist threats in the country. However, as the defense minister of the Federal Republic of Germany Ursula von der Leyen reminded, Berlin’s political view on the situation in Syria remains the same. "There will not be any cooperation with Bashar al-Assad and his troops." Possibility of a ground operation still has not been considered.

Next turn is the UK: parliamentary debate on the British Air Force participation in operations in Syria will be held in London today.

Recall that in less than a day after the terrorist attacks in Paris, Vienna hosted a meeting on Syria with participation of the heads of diplomatic agencies from the United States, Russia, Europe and the Arab States. The tragedy in Paris has pushed its members to a more active search for a solution of the Syrian conflict and attempts to agree on a joint fight against "Islamic state". The Vienna meeting, second in the last two weeks, was the most visible step in development of a "road map" of the Syrian settlement.  


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