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German Chancellor suggests that most COVID restrictions be lifted by spring

02/17/2022 - 06:20

Germany may lift most COVID-19 restrictions by early spring, according to a plan prepared by Chancellor Scholz's office.

Michał Beim
Michał Beim
Germany could cancel most of the country's COVID-19 restrictions, Bloomberg reported, citing a plan prepared by Chancellor Olaf Scholz's office. The initiative is expected to be approved at a meeting between Scholz and regional leaders on Wednesday, the agency noted.

According to the plan, the coronavirus restrictions will be lifted in three stages. In the first, authorities will allow events of up to 20 people with a certificate of vaccination or illness. 

At the same time Germans will be able to visit shops without such certificates. In the second stage, immune residents will be allowed to visit bars, restaurants, museums, nightclubs and outdoor events with up to 25,000 people. In the third phase, which will begin March 20, authorities will waive "all comprehensive protections". Employers will be able to return employees to their offices. 

German authorities are taking this step because of relatively high vaccination rates and milder symptoms of the omicron strain, Bloomberg notes. At least two doses of the vaccine in the country have been given to about 75% of the population, 56% have already had three vaccinations, writes the New York Times.