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G7 gets concerned about rising phone fraud rates

12/11/2023 - 08:30

For the first time the G7 nations addressed telephone fraud concerns in a joint statement that was released after their meeting in the Japanese city of Mito, where the interior and security ministers met.

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It is observed that this particular form of fraud is global, well-organized, and becoming more prevalent in Japan and the West.

“We all agree that organized crime is seriously harming nations throughout,” Matsumura Yoshifumi, head of Japan's public security committee stated. "We have reaffirmed our firm commitment to severely pursue and prevent criminal organizations from hiding wherever they are in the world," according to the Kyodo news agency.

According to the statement, there has been an increase in telephone manipulation and fraud cases. As a result, the parties decided to increase collaboration in order to stop criminal acts by groups operating abroad and to increase awareness of fraud prevention.

The G7 nations will cooperate with law enforcement organizations in developing nations that criminals have recently preferred to utilize as a base of operations in addition to exchanging information on fraudulent groups headquartered in Southeast Asian nations. For instance, Japan discovered multiple high-profile cases in 2023 when a criminal organization with its headquarters in Cambodia or another Asian nation operated in Japan.