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G7 countries ready to take action if Iran continues attacks on Israel

04/15/2024 - 10:23

In a statement issued on Sunday, the G7 leaders stated that if Iran and the forces it supports do not cease their attacks on Israel, the group is prepared to take further action.

Christos DOGAS
Christos DOGAS
"We'll keep trying to bring the situation under control and prevent it from getting worse. In order to do this, we insist that Iran and its allies halt the assaults," reads the statement. "We are prepared to act immediately and respond to any additional destabilizing activities.

Additionally, it mentioned that Iran's actions might lead to an "uncontrolled escalation in the region".

Together with providing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, the G7 nations also plan to intensify their cooperation in order to "end the crisis in the Gaza Strip, including working to achieve an immediate and substantial ceasefire and the release of all hostages held by Hamas."

Iran launched several missile and drone strikes against Israel on the evening of April 14 in reaction to a recent raid on the Iranian consulate in Damascus.