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French Student Arrested on Suspicion of Planning Attacks

04/22/2015 - 16:02

French law enforcement authorities succeeded to prevent a terrorist attack. This was announced on Wednesday by Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve by State Chancellery of Latvia
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve by State Chancellery of Latvia
According to him, it was a detained radical Islamists, with weapons and ammunition, body armor, communications, Islamic literature.

Arrested in the south-east of Paris turned to be 24-year-old student at the Faculty of Information Technology. Guns and other weapons, body armor were found in his car.

France has increased its intelligence agencies and stepped up patrols for "sensitive" areas after the tragedy with Charlie Hebdo. Interior Ministry’s source said that the arrested person is suspected of involvement in the murder of 32-year-old woman who was found dead in his car on Sunday 19 April.

- There have been found documents proving that the man was planning an attack on one or more churches, - said Cazeneuve. Student got arrested after reports from emergency services, which were caused due to the presence of his gunshot wound. The bloody trail led the police to a car, where a gun was found. Police suspect that the detainee had accidentally shot himself, the source said. Cazeneuve reported that the suspect got into the field of view of the French authorities: the man was about to go to war in Syria.

It is reported that the attacker was arrested on Sunday in the 13th arrondissement of Paris - in the southeast of the French capital. Negligently young man shot himself in the foot. Ambulance arrived at his apartment immediately called the police, who raided.

Terrorist attacks in France

In January, in France, a series of terrorist was attacks carried out by Islamists.

January 7, Paris edition of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed among other materials, was attacked. 12 people - ten journalists and two policemen guarding the building - become the victims of Islamists. Another 11 people were injured.

The attackers - French citizens of Algerian origin Sheriff Koichi and Said Koichi - were announced in a nationwide search, and 9 January were found in 60 km north of Paris and destroyed as a result of the special operation.

January 8, extremist Amedy Coulibaly shot a police trainee Clarissa Jean-Philippe near Paris to test weapons. Later, he captured a kosher store on the eastern outskirts of Paris. Four became the victims of terrorists. Hostage-taking, Coulibaly demanded that the police stop the persecution of brothers Koichi.

People of France went in for sbooks telling about Islam soared after the January terrorist attacks - the carnage in the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo and the killing of hostages in a kosher supermarket.

According to figures cited by AFP, for the first quarter of this year, books of this kind are sold three times as many than in the same period last year.

The publication cites Fabrice Gerschel, Philosophie bookstore’s director, who said that French people are asking more and more questions and less satisfied with the press’ answers.


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