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France Fumes Over the US Wiretapping: The Situation with Eavesdropping

06/24/2015 - 15:36

US intelligence agencies wiretapping of the Presidents of France are "unacceptable" for the Allies, said spokesperson of the French government Stephane Le Foll.
- This is unacceptable among the allies, - he said on the TV channel iTele.

- It's hard to accept that there may be such practices between allies, in particular, wiretapping of the President. When we together fight against terrorism, it is difficult to imagine or understand what would be an incentive for the wiretapping of allies, - said the representative of the government.

It was also announced that the French intelligence coordinator will travel to the United States to discuss the issue on the tapping of French heads of states by US intelligence agencies.

- French intelligence coordinator is going to the US to discuss the agreement that had been reached between France and the US, - Le Foll said after a meeting of the French Council of Ministers chaired by President Francois Hollande. He recalled that in late 2013, after the first information about the American wiretapping occurred, Washington has pledged to stop spying on the French.

A government spokesman said that the head of state will meet the leadership of the country's parliament.
- Chairman of the National Assembly, the Senate, parliamentary groups and committees on foreign affairs of both chambers are invited to the Elysee Palace to discuss the situation, - he said.

Le Foll also recalled that Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius called on the US ambassador Jane Hartley for questioning.

Member of the European Parliament, the leader of the French party "National Front" Marine Le Pen harshly reacted to the unexpected news:

- The revelations, made by the site WikiLeaks, presented extremely serious. This eavesdropping is a direct threat to our national independence, sovereignty and security.
She called for a strong reaction and, in particular, "the withdrawal of France from the negotiation of the agreement on the transatlantic economic partnership."
– We should no longer tolerate such methods, - said Le Pen. - The French must understand that the United States - I am talking about the American government, not the people - are neither federal nor a friendly state.

- The United States is a hegemonic power, ready for anything to increase their control over our country – she said. - It is not a new statement, but there were periods in history, even recently, when the French government opposed this encroachment on our freedom, independence and honor. The latest scandal is to encourage us to rediscover our national interests.
Meanwhile, a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, Ned Price denied information about wiretapping of the talks of French top officials.

- We do not and are not going to aim to President Hollande’s negotiations.

As the French newspaper Libération and the Internet portal Mediapart reported on Tuesday, citing documents obtained by Wikileaks, the US NSA for years tapped telephone conversations of the three Presidents of France: Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande.

In this regard, the Council of Defense and National Security (SONB) at the initiative of France Hollande holds currently a special meeting.